10 Popular PrestaShop Modules

by Curt Donohue on September 8, 2011

Note:  The order of this list and the cost for the modules were valid as of September 7, 2011.  The order and cost of the modules may not be the same depending on when you read this article.

While PrestaShop has quite a bit of power out of the box, in my opinion, it really doesn't shine until you start enhancing it with modules and themes.

This article will provide a sampling of the more popular PrestaShop paid-for modules, at least according to the PrestaShop Addons store as of the date of this article.  In an article that will follow, we'll investigate where to find great PrestaShop themes.

1.  Advanced Top Menu

PrestaModule - Advanced Top Menu

The Advanced Top Menu is a crowd favorite and has been a top seller for quite some time now.  You can buy it directly from the PrestaModule website or from the PrestaShop Addons store.  PrestaShop Addons sells the the Advanced Top Menu for 30,00 Euros ($44.93 US) plus tax.

PrestaModule, based in Marseille, France, has many more interesting modules that address issues such as surveys, advanced product searches, cross selling, and more.

If you would like to find out more about PrestaModule, your in luck because we interviewed one of its co-founders, Stephan Obadia, earlier this year.  Click here to read that interview.

Here is a partial list of the modules PrestaModule offers:

2.  Footer Custom

The Footer Custom module allows you to customize many aspects of your footer including adding blocks, images, and links.  This module reminds me of a WordPress multi-column or widgetized footer with some extra functionality.

Here is a link to a screen shot showing what you can do to customize your footer.

Footer Custom sells in the PrestaShop Addons store for 30,00 Euros ($44.93 US) plus tax.

3.  Facebook Fan Coupon

With social media, and especially Facebook, being a prominent part of marketing plans for an e-commerce store, this module offers some very interesting features.

According to the PrestaShop Addons store the Facebook Fan Coupon module allows “your customers receive a reduction coupon (on the products of your site) since they become “a fan” of your page Facebook!”

Facebook Fan Coupon was developed by the PrestaShop team and can be purchased from the PrestaShop Addons store for 39,90 Euros ($59.75 US) plus tax.

4.  Ads & Slideshow

PrestaModule Ads & Slideshow

Here's another winner from PrestaModule.com.  Ads & Slideshow provides a very attractive ad display or slideshow display for your store.

You can buy this module directly from the PrestaModule website or from the PrestaShop Addons store.  PrestaShop Addons sells Ads & Slideshow for 35,00 Euros ($52.42 US) plus tax.

According to the PrestaModule Website, the module “allows you to add as slideshows or banners as you like and place them anywhere on your site.”

PrestaModule goes on to say the following:

“Excellent marketing tool, it will highlight your offers, services and partners in a professional way with ease
With GAnalytics module (supplied as standard with Prestashop), it offers to track the individual performance of your slides through events of Google Analytics.

Truly multilingual, by the ability to assign an image by language, it will also adapt according to profiles of your visitors, with the help of access permissions.

Comes with 16 JavaScript transition effects from NIVO Slider and SUDO Slider libraries, your slideshows are also visible on iPhone.

In addition, you can customize your slideshows through a set of icons shipped with the module.”

5.  Facebook PS Shop Tab

I'm pretty impressed with the Facebook PS Shop Tab created by Business Tech, a French web development firm who also happens to be an e-commerce merchant.  I really like the fact that they are a merchant since it gives them unique insight into creating Prestashop solutions that other developers may not have.

In addition to the Facebook PS Shop Tab, Business Tech has several other modules worth checking out.  Their website, which is natively written in French, is also translated into English.

According to the Addons store, the Facebook PS Shop Tab will create a “Shop” tab on your Facebook fan page.  A mini-shop will appear in this tab, to directly propose your products from the social network.”

PrestaShop Addons goes on to say the following:

NEW IN THIS 2.2.4 VERSION:  Facebook PS Shop Tab is now compatible with the “Ads & Slideshow” module available on addons.prestashop.com, so you can add a professional slideshow to your Facebook Shop Tab homepage instead of the standard static JPEG image

Available in 14 languages and compatible with Facebook's new 2011 updates.

Fully configurable, the Facebook PS Shop Tab module includes a homepage tool similar to Prestashop's “editorial” module, and has the ability to list products in row or grid view.

Simple, step-by-step instructions are also included on how to easily link your module to your Facebook page.

This version 2.2.3 is compatible with Facebook's recent 2011 changes.

I think it's a great feature that this module is compatible with the Ads & Slideshow module from PrestaModule (see Module #4).

You can see a demonstration of the module at the following links:

Arthus & Co. Facebook PS Page Demo

Arthus & Co. Facebook PS Page Demo


CREED Boutique

CREED Boutique


You can purchase Facebook PS Shop Tab from the PrestaShop Addons store for 70,00 Euros ($104.85) plus tax.

6.  Google Merchant Center

Do you want to get your store's inventory displayed in the Google Shopping results?  If so, the Google Merchant Center may be what you've been looking for.  This module was also created by Business Tech, who is #5 on this list with the Facebook PS Shop Tab.

Here's what the PrestaShop Addons store has to say about the module:

Google Merchant Center lets you upload your products via a product feed, so that they will be displayed in Google's shopping results.

The position of your products in these results depends largely on the quality of your feed and completeness of your data. The more information you include, the better the results!

You can purchase the module from PrestaShop Addons for 50,00 Euros ($74.89) plus tax.

7.  Prestapress – articles, news & related products

Up to this point, I've had little reason to be impressed with attempts to create a module that will allow blogging functionality within PrestaShop.

However, Prestapress appears to be a moving in the right direction to create a good blogging module.

Here's was the PrestaShop Addons store has to say about the module:

Module to display articles, news or publications management, it will give you the possibility to integrate an editorial part on your website.

More than a simple news module, it's a real marketing tool that will give you the opportunity to communicate with your visitors, to provide official information on your store news, upcoming products, promotions, feedbacks etc…

Moreover, you can link contents or news to related catalog products, which will increase their visibility.

Here are a few screen shots from the demo:

PrestaPress Last Articles Block

Last Articles Block

PrestaPress Last Articles Page

Last Articles Page

PrestaPress Sample Article

Sample Article

I have my doubts that it will ever be as good as WordPress with respect to blogging or CMS capabilities, but working with WordPress can require some significant customization if you are trying to make a WordPress installation look like your PrestaShop theme.

You can purchase this module from the PrestaShop Addons store for 49,50 Euros ($74.14) plus tax.

8.  Presta QuickUpdate

Presta QuickUpdate was created by EndPulse Software.  According to their website “Presta QuickUpdate is an interface by which you can update your shop's products in one single place very easily and fast.  Adds value to your online shop by providing you with a very effective tool to manage all the products and stock.”

Here's a screenshot of one of the demos:

Presta QuickUpdate

Presta QuickUpdate

According to the EndPulse Software website, you can check out the demos of the product here:

LIVE DEMO (v4.0):

DIRECT (>3000 products): http://demo.endpulse.com/admind/quickupdate

LIVE DEMO (v3.9):

DIRECT (>3000 products): http://demo2.endpulse.com/admind/quickupdate

BackOffice: http://demo2.endpulse.com/admind

USER: demo@demo.com

PASS: demodemo

This module can be purchased from the Endpulse Software website or the PrestaShop Addons store for 60,00 Euros ($89.87 US) plus tax.

9.  5 in 1 Geek Slideshow

The 5 in 1 Geek slideshow was created by Geekpolis and is available for purchase in the PrestaShop Addon Store for 35,00 Euros ($52.42 US) plus tax.

The nice thing about this module is that if you have more than one option to choose from.  Having 5 methods of presenting your images can keep your website fresh and new for your customers.

Below are screen captures of the module's display options.  Unfortunately, a demo of one of the options wasn't working when I captured these images, so you won't see an example of the “Smooth Div” below.

Also, since most of these options have some form of motion, the pictures below really don't do the module justice.  If you want to see how it really works, go to the Geekpolis website.

Easy Slider

Easy Slider

Apple-like Slider

Apple-like Slider



Image Flow

Image Flow

10.  Orlique – The Order Manager

At first, I wasn't sure why this module would be so popular.  After all, you can manage your stores via the PrestaShop Back Office.  After I read the description a bit closer, however, it was clear why this module would appeal to many people.

Here are some of the highlights of the module according to the Addons store:

At long last, all the test orders can be deleted from the store, before launch – without any hacks, or core modifications!

Edit multiple orders
You can change the order status for multiple orders with one operatrion. And you can delete selected orders.

How to place new customers
Now you can place new customers direct from Orlique-Interface. So, you can for example faster include telephone orders. You can also place several addresses simultaneously. In this case you do not need the additional useless Passwort- indication for the customers.

Extended search in orders
Now you can also search for orders, to incorporate the specific products. In this case the search for the product name, code number or code number for suppliers is also possible.

Further features

  • The Information about discounts in form of absolute value and in percents
  •  Automatic calculation of shipping costs supplement now the manual information
  • Sending the order message
  • Changing the order date
  • optionally sending the order confirmation mail, or the “order changed” mail

You can purchase this module in the PrestaShop Addons store for 89,00 Euros ($133.30 US) plus tax.

Curt Donohue

Curt Donohue is a PrestaShop enthusiast and the creator of PrestaTraining.com as well as PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials.

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HandCraft March 26, 2013 at 1:13 am

I am looking for module which will let me know country and city of visitors who visited store and also who are online. Currently presta allow only to see visitors online in stats. But it is useless coz we dont who is from where. Moreover it doesnt get update quickly. Ours is 1.3.3

Curt Donohue March 26, 2013 at 7:55 am


I’m assuming you meant you are using PrestaShop version 1.3.3, correct? I haven’t worked in that for a long time, so I’m not sure if this solution will help.

Here’s an article I found that might help you: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/prestashop-15/managing-stats/visitors-online-report

I believe PrestaShop 1.3.x does have the data mining module referenced in the article. Let me know how it goes.

Mike January 5, 2013 at 3:31 pm

I like Agile multistore – it lets lots of shops sell on one store (like ebay), and is powerful. Example here – thecoffeelocator.com
And also any of the Facebook comments (PS comments are useless)

Marco (from Italy) December 19, 2012 at 7:30 am

Hello, is there a module for a full screen product pictures?

Kristian November 12, 2012 at 3:00 am

Very nice list, thx for sharing! Do u have any new ones for 2012?

Curt Donohue November 12, 2012 at 5:56 am

I didn’t think to do that, but that’s a great idea. I’ll work on that before the end of the year. Thanks!

Ben September 17, 2012 at 6:07 am

Great list Curt. I’d love to add a couple of modules in custominvoice and ClickDesk to the list.


David Niry December 1, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Dear Curt and Stephan,

Better late than never… I just found this post today. It’s funny, we were actually just in Marseille today and had lunch and spent the day with Stephan and his partner JS… Business Tech and Presta Module have joined forces to bring you a great module that will make a lot of noise in January… I cannot say more but feel free to e-mail Stephan or myself after the Holidays!

Many thanks to you Curt for this article, we are also honored to be twice on the list, and to Stephan for the correction 🙂



Curt Donohue December 1, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Thanks for chiming in David.

Stephan September 8, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Hello Curt

Thanks for this review.
We are proud to be twice on your list 🙂

I would like to clarify that Facebook PS Shop Tab was created by a French agency : BusinessTech (http://www.businesstech.fr/), and not by the Prestashop Team.

I’m a regular reeder of your blog.
Thanks for your work.

Best regards
Stephan from PrestaModule

Curt Donohue September 10, 2011 at 9:25 am


Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not sure how I made that mistake. My eyes must have blurred over:) I’ve corrected the information.

Also, I just happened to notice, when I checked out the Business Tech website, that they are the creator of the Google Merchant Center. So, I updated that too.

Thanks for the corrections and congratulations on being on the list twice.


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