Comparing the PrestaShop PrestaBox Service with Self-Hosting PrestaShop with Your Own Web Host – Part 1

by Karine Bernasse and Vincent Millet on March 19, 2012

In this article, we'll compare the advantages and disadvantages of using the PrestaShop PrestaBox service and self-hosting PrestaShop with your own web host.

Editor's Note:

This article was co-written by Karine Bernasse and Vincent Millet of StoreCommander, which is based in France.

This article is not an endorsement either of the methods mentioned below for getting your PrestaShop up and running. There are many ways of hosting a PrestaShop store and you should perform your due diligence to see which is going to work best for you.

Lastly, I do not recommend using PrestaBox for store owners based in the USA.  PrestaBox is based in Europe and I do not have confidence that it works as well in the USA as other readily available options.


This article has been carefully researched and is entirely based on information published by PrestaShop team members either on their public PrestaShop and PrestaBox websites, in FAQ's, in general terms and conditions, in forums or blogs and is deemed accurate as at the date of publication.

The comparative table below was created by StoreCommander, web experts for the past 13 years and specialists in the PrestaShop open source solution since its launch. The rationale behind this article is to help PrestaShop merchants and forum members make informed decisions by providing them with practical answers to recurring questions on the subject.

Should you notice any potential inaccuracies, please contact the authors so that they may make any necessary amendments.

PrestaBox or Self-Hosted PrestaShop?

Would like to start an e-commerce store using PrestaShop?  Do you own one or more physical stores and you are thinking of opening an online store?  Do you have an online store with PrestaBox and you would like to host the store for yourself so you have more control?

If you are an established store or would-be e-commerce merchant in one of these situations, then here are a few pointers to guide you in your choices.

PrestaBox is a turnkey solution entirely based on the PrestaShop open source solution and targeted at novices with little or no IT knowledge.  It provides a merchant a fast track to opening their store.

Self-hosting PrestaShop on the other hand, is a choice that provides you a complete e-commerce solution requiring some technical knowledge.  Self-hosting PrestaShop allows the merchant to customize his or her store by selecting templates, adding modules, plug-ins and deciding which specific features they want to include.

Depending on the merchant's objectives, both solutions have advantages and disadvantages.  In order to clarify matters, we created the following comparative table that we hope will give all established and would-be PrestaShoppers an overview of the main differences.  In this first article (Part 1), we shall take a look at the differences relating to domain names, web hosting, set up, customization, and technical aspects.

Comparative Table

Compare PrestaShop PrestaBox with Self-Hosting PrestaShop

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In a couple of weeks, Part 2 of this article will tackle the issues related to installing modules and themes, migrations and costs-related issues.  So, stay tuned!

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