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by Curt Donohue on January 8, 2012

Let's Create Some Content!Have you ever wanted to be a writer for a magazine or blog?  Do you like making video tutorials?  Are you a good interviewer?  Can you teach people how to accomplish complex tasks with ease?  Do you want to be associated with a top quality company?  If you said yes to any of these, we need to talk.

I’ve reached a point with where I need some help.  I simply can’t do everything I want to do myself anymore.  So, I’m looking for some very talented people who are interested in creating content (articles, video tutorials, or podcasts) for one of the best PrestaShop blogs around.  Here’s the cool part…  I’m going to pay for each piece of content.  If that sounds interesting, read on to find out more.

Ok, so here’s the deal.  I’m currently looking for one, possibly two people who can create one to three pieces of high quality PrestaShop related content per month.  The actual quantity and type of content will depend on the complexity of the topic.  I fully intend to tackle subjects that will require time, effort, and research.

I do have specific content in mind that I want created, but I’m always open to exploring your ideas as well.  The only catch is that whatever we decide to create, it must benefit the readers of immensely.  Only top notch work will be accepted.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for people with some, or all, of these qualities:

  • Significant real world experience with PrestaShop
    • Having a live and profitable e-commerce site is ideal.  If you don’t have your own store but you are a PrestaShop ace, I definitely want to talk to you as well.
    • Theme expertise
    • Module expertise
  • Superb written and verbal English skills
    • My blog is read by people from all over the world.  However, I’m based in the USA and most of my readers are based in the USA or other English speaking countries.
  • The ability to convey complex concepts in a way that even a beginner can understand
    • I pride myself and on being able to break down the complexities of PrestaShop so that even the least experienced PrestaShop user can learn something.
  • Detail oriented with a big picture mindset
    • Wow, I’m not asking for the world, am I?  Details are important, especially for beginners.  Too often tutorials and training leave out key elements that are essential for students to totally understand the material.  It is crucial that you have both the mindset and patience for providing details.  At the same time, you must be able to step back from the trees and see the forest.

What's in it for You?

Here are some of the benefits of working with

  • Exposure to a growing group of PrestaShop enthusiasts
  • An opportunity to build your reputation as a PrestaShop expert
  • The ability to promote your website, blog, newsletter, Twitter, or Facebook accounts by including that information in the signature of your article
  • An opportunity to share your talents with a worldwide market of people who want what you have – PrestaShop experience.
  • You’ll be paid $100 for each acceptable piece of content.  Possibly, $150 if the content justifies that amount.

Even though this is a paid position, your primary motivation should be to provide incredible value to the PrestaShop community.

What next?

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, please send me a quick e-mail indicating your interest at support(at)prestatraining(dot)com.  For those people who contact me, I’ll send additional information that will provide a more detailed explanation of what I’m looking for.

I’m excited to hear from you!


Curt Donohue

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