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Picture of Curt DonohueFrom: The Desk of Curt Donohue

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to cope with setting up an online store?
  • Are online manuals, books, forums, and disorganized YouTube videos a source of frustration?
  • Are you disappointed after downloading PrestaShop only to discover you had to setup a database and that further setup involved more than you imagined?
  • Are you puzzled by shipping options, attributes, performance settings, and combinations?
  • Are you on the brink of giving up with PrestaShop because there appears to be no clear instructions that you can follow from beginning to end?

If your answer to any one of these question is yes, then keep reading since PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials can immediately guide you through downloading, setting up, and configuring your store so you can quickly be on your way to making online sales.

Here’s what this is about…

If you’re anything like me, sometimes the only way something really can “click” is when you actually see it done with your own eyes.

Imagine for a moment one of the easiest tasks of all – tying your shoe…

Of course tying your shoe laces is natural to you now… BUT initially someone had to show you how to do it a few times. They took the time to demonstrate exactly how to make a loop, how to cross it over, and how to pull the knot tight, etc.

Seriously, try explaining how to tie your shoe laces together to someone without actually showing them would be downright impossible (and extremely frustrating for both of you)!

Surprisingly enough, setting up a PrestaShop online store can be almost as easy if you have someone (who’s been there and actually done it successfully) take you through the entire step-by-step process right in front of your eyes.

“I am currently setting up my first e-commerce store and I have found PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials to be invaluable.  The Tutorials take you step by step through a logical process to set up your store.  Some areas are very straight forward, others are more complex but the Tutorials explain them all clearly and concisely using easy to understand language without the technical jargon.  I would highly recommend PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials to anyone who is using PrestaShop for the first time or if you want to improve your knowledge of this shopping cart system.”
Sharon Snowdon - The Fitwear Boutique
It’s Not Your Fault

If you’re struggling to setup your online store using PrestaShop… don’t blame yourself. We all learn differently. You probably just need to follow a few key steps and that’s where I can help you. You see, I understand the difficulty involved in getting it setup as it wasn’t too long ago I  was saying to myself “If someone would just show me how to do all this once or twice, then I could do it myself.”

Imagine how much faster of a jumpstart you could get by actually watching someone else do something first… and then simply copying what they do?

Makes sense right?

Truth is… its tough learning from overly detailed and, at times, confusing documents. Statistics prove only a tiny percentage of people naturally learn this way. The rest of us need to be SHOWN what to do and — most importantly — HOW to do it!

But the unfortunate news is you didn’t have a choice with PrestaShop… until now!


Simple and Fast Online
PrestaShop 1.4 Video Tutorials

It’s not enough for us to tell you what to do to get setup with your store — because you’ll actually be shown using video and sound through the new PrestaShop 1.4 Video Tutorials

Professionally created, these jam-packed online VIDEOS go way beyond wading through heavy online documentation, incomplete and disorganized YouTube video tips, forum conversations, or anything else before it!

Now you can watch right on your computer as I personally take you through the exact steps I used to create online stores with PrestaShop. This is the closest thing to having me in your living room sitting next to you at your computer.

“PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials” is NOT a downloadable product. It IS full-access to a simple and easy to navigate membership area. You just log in to the membership area and away you go. Just sit back, relax and watch as right before your eyes every step that you need to know from beginner to intermediate level on how to have your store set up is shown to you.

And here is the best part: If you already know your way around PrestaShop, maybe you consider yourself an expert and you just want a specific piece of the puzzle solved. I’ve made it even faster and easier than before by designing the video tutorials navigation to give you the OPTION of choosing exactly what you want to learn next! Simply click and you will jump to that portion of the guide. Saving you time!

But just so there is no confusion here…

These video tutorials were NOT designed to teach you how to create modules or design themes (that is coming!)

These tutorials were NOT designed to replace the PrestaShop forum (I highly recommend that)

But what these tutorials WERE created for was to get you setup, configured, and ready to sell through your online store in the shortest time possible.

Everywhere, existing online stores and brick and mortar owners who are switching to PrestaShop are raving about PrestaShop 1.4 Video Tutorials:

“Good Morning Curt, So simple when you know how , Thanks for your help , Keep up the good work”
Gary Murton
“Thanks so much for the videos learning tons!”
Justin Kowal
“Hi Curt, Just want to say that yours videos are awesome, so clear. I had just begun to listen to them yesterday and I enjoy very much. It seems to me that I will succeed to create my boutique very fast with your tips Good luck in the creation of your upcoming tutorials.”
Jocelyne Boivin
“Thank you so much for doing these video tutorials, they have been very helpful!! I can’t wait to see some training videos in the Advanced store setup category!”
Tony Honeycutt
“Wow – this is what I’ve been looking for. Someone to hold my hand and take me step by step through the download and installation process. Thanks for making it very easy for a newbie to understand.”
Ralph Paoli

And this is just a shortlist of satisfied store owners who have followed these 36 videos to get their store setup online with ease.

Question: If you could hire a PrestaShop
expert to come into your home or office and
teach you right on your computer screen —
would you?

Of course you would!

Well… I’m not saying I’m an expert but I do know a lot about PrestaShop and what I know is exactly what you will get with this unique series of video tutorials… just log in to the members area online, turn up your speakers and watch, listen and learn as I personally guide you over the “confusing spots” with this step-by-step, insightful and experienced instructions. Suddenly, you’ll find all the mystery and confusion that surrounds creating and managing your PrestaShop store melt away.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in these 36 videos of personalized multimedia instruction:

  • Recommended tools
  • Download and Install
  • Upgrading Prestashop
  • Setting Maintenance Mode
  • Front Office Tour
  • Back Office Tour
  • Customers Tab
  • Orders Tab
  • Payment Tab
  • Shipping Tab
  • Payment Options
  • And many more basic and advanced videos being added…

You get all these plus 3 more bonus videos that will motivate you, teach you and propel you towards getting your own working store online.

As you can see, I’ve left no stone unturned to provide you with all the “nitty-gritty” details you really need to create your PrestaShop store online fast.

All together you get 36 comprehensive videos placed inside a newly updated member’s area.

Free ”Sneak Preview” Video

Note: I want to prove to you that I really can show you exactly what to do right on your own computer screen!

Just look over my shoulder as I perform a specific task or teach you what you should do next right on your computer screen. Then just minimize the window and you’ll do the exact same thing by yourself. Don’t worry, if you forget something or didn’t get it the first time around — just use the video navigation bar to view it again and I will be right there again to help you.

It couldn’t be easier!

Nothing’s left to chance with these amazing, interactive VIDEO tutorials. You’ll know where to click. What to change. What to do every step of the way.

What’s The Cost to Access Today These Incredibly Easy Video “Shortcuts”?

By now, you may be wondering about the cost of this invaluable resource.

I’ll put it this way: If you hired me to consult with you to cover all the points shown in these 36 videos (not including all the future videos that the member’s area is receiving) it would run in the neighborhood of 10-26 hours. And at a rate of $100 per hour that would set you back $1,000 to $2,600 — and that doesn’t even count travel expenses. This content-rich video tutorial series covers practically the same thing you would get in a personal consultation for a mere fraction of the investment.

Special Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, I am offering the entire PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorialsfor a ridiculously low price of only one $247 payment.

Note: You can take your chances and check the site again later, but you may well find that you missed the boat on this special “limited” pricing. I’ve already raised the price once before, and if access to these Video tutorials keeps getting the response they are… I may just raise the price again!

Bonuses for Taking Action

I’m going to sweeten the pot even more because with this 36 video series you’re also entitled to each and every one of these three video bonuses:

BONUS #1 – FileZilla FTP Video Tutorial
FileZilla is a free FTP solution, used for uploading and downloading files to your web hosting server, setting permissions, editing, deleting, and moving files. I will show you exactly how to download, install, configure, and use FileZilla. This is must have information to know if you’re working with PrestaShop or any online website.

BONUS #2 – WAMP Video Tutorial
Perfect solution for businesses that want to create their online store on their home or office computer and ONLY have it visible to yourself. Used by thousands of web designers this clever software will allow you to check all your work without an internet connection on your computer before it goes live just as if it was live on your website.

BONUS #3 – Mind Mapping Video Tutorials

Mind Mapping is an incredibly valuable technique used by individuals and companies all around the world to plan and outline the important aspects of projects. I will guide you through using XMind mind mapping software to plan your store structure down to the product level.

I’ve tried to think of everything you need to shatter any excuses or roadblocks you’ve had standing in your way. But there’s still one more assurance I’ll give you…

An Incredibly Generous “ 60-Day Money Back - No Questions Asked Guarantee” You Can Count On

These new professional video tutorials come with a no-questions, no-quibble, 60 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn’t for you, just contact me at any time within 60 Days, and I’ll refund you every penny you paid. That means you have ONE full month to put me to the test — all the risk is squarely resting on my shoulders!

This means you get to see everything for FREE, removing all risk from you!

Frankly, I don’t think I could be any fairer than that.

Click here now to get access to the videos instantly!

Really there’s really nothing left to say.

This training system is unlike anything else available for the price. Nowhere else will you find someone who will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it in this style of training. You will learn where to go, what to do, even where to “click” to download, setup, and configure your online store.

Don’t You Think You Owe It to Yourself To
Finally Get Setup And Ready To Receive Sales With Your Online Store??

Look, the time to act is now.

If you’ve read this far it means that you’ve got the desire and drive to make an online store work for you. I am totally committed to your success. All that’s left now is to take action and make sure you’re one of the people who actually turn their “Online Store Dream” into a wonderful, everyday reality.

If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity — how else will you learn exactly what to do and how to do it?

When else will you ever get another chance to see in living color exactly what you are supposed to do (and how to do it) to setup a PrestaShop store online? If you don’t jump on this video tutorial series, you won’t be able to do something truly revolutionary in online learning: watch a video, pause it, go do it yourself, and then come back to review any points you don’t understand.

Please take advantage of these videos or you may wind up being stuck trying to learn PrestaShop from scattered online documents and unprofessional video tutorials.  You may be reduced to “trial and error hell” — instead of effortlessly benefiting from the easy-to-understand, simple and immediately usable lessons I have crammed into EVERY one of the videos packed in the members area.

Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying to make your online store work or you could get someone who has done it already to shave hours, days, or — even weeks off the learning curve for you.

Ordering Is Safe, Easy, And Secure

For your own good, and before I decide to increase the price on this video series, get this now!

Simply place your order right now and you can be watching and listening to these entire 36 video tutorials 60 seconds later.

It will help you finally move on to the most important reason why you want an online store. To make the sales you deserve.

Single Payment Plan

YES! Curt, Please give me immediate access to:

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Curt Donohue

P.S.  Stop banging your head against a wall guessing how to get your online store setup and working for you…watch, listen and LEARN as I walk you step-by-step through the entire PrestaShop download, setup and configuring process to get your store ready for receiving sales. Order Now!