ISO Codes

Have you ever wondered where PrestaShop get’s the ISO codes they use and where you can get those codes when you need to add a country or currency?  Well, I don’t know for sure where PrestaShop gets their ISO codes, but I would guess that one of the best places to get them is from the source: the International Standards Organization.

Listed below are the websites for the official ISO currency codes and country codes.  Please keep in mind that if you decide to use these links and the information that you find at these websites, you do so at your own risk., in any of its forms, will assume no liability for any issues that comes from you using this information.

ISO Currency Codes – This link will you to a page called ISO 4217 currency and funds name and code elements. Look at the center column, below this title and follow the link called “SNV – SIX Interbank Clearing.”  You will then wind up on a page where you can download either an Excel or XML version of the current currency codes.

ISO Country Codes – This link will take you to a page called ISO 3166 code lists. In the center column you will find links to English and French country names and codes in HTML, TXT, and XML formats.

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