Where can I find ISO Codes?

by Curt Donohue on May 16, 2011

Photo of the ISO Central Secretariat Headquarter in GenevaIf you've ever wondered where to look for ISO codes, I may have the solution for you.

It is impossible to add a country or currency without the correct ISO codes (ISO = International Standards Organization).   PrestaShop kindly provides a link to the country ISO codes when you add a new country in the Shipping>>Countries>>Add New>>ISO Code section.  Look just below the input box and you will see it.

However, PrestaShop does not provide any such link when you are adding a new Currency.  I'm not really sure why they omitted this link since you cannot add a currency without the Currency ISO Code and Currency Numeric ISO Code.

Even though PrestaShop already provides a link to the official ISO country codes, which I suggest you use, I thought you might like to see how you can find it on your own.  Also, you will need to know how to find official ISO currency codes if you every want to add another currency.  So, I Googled “official iso currency codes” and “official iso country codes and came up with the following links:

ISO Currency Codes – This link will you to a page called ISO 4217 currency and funds name and code elements. Look at the center column, below this title and follow the link called “SNV – SIX Interbank Clearing.” You will then wind up on a page where you can download either an Excel or XML version of the current currency codes.

ISO Country Codes – This link will take you to a page called ISO 3166 code lists. In the center column you will find links to English and French country names and codes in HTML, TXT, and XML formats.

I also placed these links on the PrestaTraining Resources Page.

Here is a quick video on how to find both ISO Currency and Country codes:


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