Poll Results – What Do You Need the Most PrestaShop Training On?

by Curt Donohue on September 26, 2011

Vote for the type of PrestaShop Training you need mostI've been running a poll for the last month that asks what you need the most for PrestaShop training and the results were very interesting.

I just took the poll down and started a new poll, but you can still vote by clicking here.

I've learned a couple really important things from this exercise.

Lesson One:

First, I've found an awesome and free polling software from Polldaddy.com that integrates into this WordPress based blog via a plugin.

The free Polldaddy plugin is a breeze to use and provides a large amount of options.  There are three variations on size (width) and 20 variations on style.  I've not see this many options with any other free polling software.

The free version allows you to perform 200 polls per month with up to 10 questions each.  According to the Polldaddy.com website, you also get “basic reports for polls, surveys, & quizzes.”

Below, you can see a screenshot of the report I received from this poll.

While the free plugin is more than adequate for my polling needs, you might consider the Pro version if you have a need for more than 200 polls per month or additional features such as data export, report filters, and inviting participants by e-mail.

The reason I'm discussing the wonders of this polling software is because I believe it can be integrated into a PrestaShop store, which could provide huge opportunities for quality customer feedback.

I'll be reviewing various polling software such as Polldaddy and another fabulous polling and survey module from Presta-Module in a future article.

Lesson 2:

The second thing I learned is what training you might want to see in the future.  As it turns out, most people, by a wide margin, want to learn about how to work with themes.

Here are the results out of a total of 29 votes:

Poll Results - What do you need the most PrestaShop training on?

Poll Results - What do you need the most PrestaShop training on?

The two “Other” votes consisted of the following responses:

  • all of the above!
  • headsup about free modules

What Did I Learn?

It appears that I'm going to be doing some training on aspects of theme design in the future.

Since this is a pretty huge topic, I could use some advice on what aspects of PrestaShop themes you need help with.  Here are some topics I came up with:

  • adjusting colors of various theme elements
  • changing shapes of various theme elements such as the block header backgrounds
  • creating a full width logo (spans width of page)
  • creating an advertising logo above the Featured Products section
  • understanding how to use HTML and CSS with respect to theme modification
  • installing and uninstalling themes

What do you think?  Please comment below with your ideas on what information would help you the most.

Curt Donohue

Curt Donohue is a PrestaShop enthusiast and the creator of PrestaTraining.com as well as PrestaShop 1.4 Tutorials.

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memo December 24, 2011 at 7:31 pm


I would like to learn how to remove things like “powered by Prestashop” from the backend, as I have a multi vendor store. Also, how to change css to make the shop look like the CMS site.

Cheers 🙂

Tony States September 26, 2011 at 3:29 pm

thanks for the polldaddy plugin reference Curt! very GOOD idea doing the poll:)
I know how to do the very basic stuff like changing things in the global.CSS file and adding or removing images.
what am currently studying and working on 12 hours a day!!! for the last week is how to completely redesign the Prestashop default cart and make it look like peoples current websites and integrate it all together… that is the challenging part 🙂 🙂 and there is very little out on the web that teaches you how to do this… certainly no good videos that get a beginner up and running and help you through it all!

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