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by Curt Donohue on February 19, 2012

What's New in PrestaShop 1.5? Let's just say – a lot! Read on to find out how to get your free guide.

PrestaShop has been working on version 1.5 for over a year now and it looks like they aren't too far away from releasing a stable version. According to their website, as of today, they are 70% complete. You can download the the most current PrestaShop beta version here.

Here's a screen shot of their progress:

PrestaShop version 1.5 beta progress

For the last two years that I've been following PrestaShop, users have provided tons of great suggestions and feature requests that has led the PrestaShop team to sculpt version 1.5. It's got a pretty high bar to jump, though, since many of the user's requests conflict with each other.

Users want lots of features and a light footprint. They want high performance with low hosting requirements.

These things are tough to do since more features usually means a larger program that might have performance issues unless you are using a web host that has the resources to handle these new requirements. Of course, it will also depend heavily on how many products and customers your store has.

It's a bit early to say if PrestaShop succeeded with balancing feature requests and program performance, but I'll let you know my opinions as I get to spend more time with it over the next year.

That brings us to the purpose of this article…

I'm happy to announce that we just completed an amazing guide covering most of the new features of PrestaShop 1.5. I don't know that we have or could cover them all because PrestaShop changes regularly and it's still in beta release. I think we did a great job of hitting the important stuff, though.

Adrian Nethercott, of Nethercott Constructions, is the author of the report and I think he did a fantastic job creating an easy-to-read summary of features that I'm sure you'll want to know about.

The report wound up being a whopping 46 pages and contains 87 screen shots. We even got fancy and included a table of contents in case you didn't want to read the whole report.

Now, not everyone can get the report. To find out how to get your copy click on the image below to watch a short video and find out how to get your copy.

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